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Welcome to Strayfield

Welcome to Strayfield, the industry leader in Radio Frequency (RF) heaters and dryers. With more than half a century of research, industry, and manufacturing expertise, Strayfield is at the forefront of precise heating and drying technology on a global scale.

Strayfield’s RF technology has revolutionized the way moisture levels are controlled, making it the go-to solution for achieving consistent moisture levels at scale. Our advanced technology has been trusted by a diverse range of industries for decades, meeting our clients’ demands for enhanced productivity and unparalleled quality.

Radio Frequency (RF) & Heat Pump Technology

Through state-of-the-art R&D, Strayfield has innovated on a rich legacy of technology and developed applications within RF heating, drying and heat pump dehydration, that are pioneering the way modern processing is done.

RF Drying and Heating

RF Heating & Drying

Learn about Strayfield’s continuous flow, and batch RF Drying solutions that suit your product and process needs.


Heat Pump Drying

Explore our dehydrators that have a low carbon footprint and are gentle on your product; delivering a quality process.

RF Heating & Drying Applications

Our expertise and technology has been implemented on 4000+
installations across various applications

RF dryers for textiles


RF dryers for textile packages, hanks, tops & loose fibers

Radio Frequency Drying Post Baking


RF dryers for energy saving, reduced process times & enhanced quality

RF dryers for disinfestation-and-sanitisation

Disinfestation &

RF heaters for high volume & continuous flow disinfestation and sterilization

RF dryers for defrosting-and-thawing

Defrosting &

RF temperers for a uniform temperature profile

RF dryers for latex-and-foam

Latex and Foam

RF dryers for increased productivity

RF dryers for fiber-glass

Fiber Glass

RF dryers for quality drying of fiber glass rovings

RF dryers for foods-and-spices

Foods and Spices

Radio Frequency heaters for a wide variety of ready to eat food products and spices

RF dryers for ceramics


RF dryers for ceramics & thermally insulating materials

RF dryers for web-and-sheet-drying

Web & Sheet Drying

RF Dryers for bookbinding, matchboxes, coated paper & water-based inks and adhesives

RF dryers for other-applications


RF heaters & dryers for wood laminates, pulp, leather, cosmetics & pharmaceutical ingredients

Partner With Us

At Strayfield, we aim is to provide unparalleled service and solutions across the spectrum of industries we cater to. As part of this ongoing commitment, we are always eager to explore new partnerships and collaborations that can enhance our service offerings and extend our reach.

We believe in the power of synergy and the incredible outcomes that can be achieved when the right minds come together. Whether you are an individual agent or an organization, we are open to discussing how we can work together for mutual benefit.

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rf heating and drying

Radio Frequency (RF) Heating and Drying

Radio Frequency (RF) Drying: A Revolution in Ceramics and Fiberglass Since the 1940s, RF drying has played a role in the processing of ceramics and fiberglass. This technology is used to dry ceramic products like filters, catalytic converter substrates, ceramic...

ITM 2024 in Istanbul

Join Strayfield at the ITM 2024 in IstanbulStrayfield is excited to announce that we will be participating in the ITM 2024 International Textile Machinery Exhibition, taking place from June 4th to 8th, 2024, at the Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center in...

RF Tempering Technology for Chopped Carrots

RF Tempering Technology for Chopped Carrots using Strayfield

IntroductionThe food processing sector is perennially on the lookout for breakthrough technologies that enhance efficiency, product quality, and safety. An emerging solution that has attracted considerable attention is Radio Frequency (RF) thawing, a method that...

Anuga FoodTec 2024 with Strayfield!

March 19 - 22, 2024, Hall 06-1,Booth F-069, Messe Cologne. A Leap in Food Processing Technology We are excited to invite you to join us at the Anuga FoodTec 2024, a focal point for the food and beverage industry, taking place in Cologne from March 19th to 22nd....

Banana Fibre in Textile Industry: A Sustainable Revolution

The use of banana fibre in the textile industry marks a significant shift towards sustainability and environmental responsibility. Extracted from the pseudostem of the banana plant, this natural fibre is emerging as both a substitute and a supportive element in...

RF Defrosting of butter

Case Study: RF Defrosting/Tempering Unit by Strayfield

A Comprehensive Case Study:The food industry is constantly seeking innovative solutions. One such advancement is the Radio Frequency (RF) defrosting method, a technology that promises quick thawing while maintaining the integrity of food products. Our case study...

Deciphering the Dynamics of Thawing

An Exploration Beyond Conventional MethodsYou've probably heard the words "thawing" and "defrosting" used interchangeably, but there's a small but important difference. While both denote the transformation of a food item from a frozen to an unfrozen state, the...

RF Heating & Drying Equipment

Unleashing the Power of Radio Frequency Energy

Harnessing the Potential of Industrial RF Generators & Ovens The Backbone of Modern Industrial HeatingMainly used in industrial thermal processes, radio frequency heaters & dryers prove indispensable in numerous applications, like heating & drying food...

Advantages of Strayfield Drying Solutions

Advanced Drying Solutions for Yarn, Hanks & Fibers

Optimizing Textile Production with Strayfield Radio Frequency Equipment: Advanced Drying Solutions for Yarn Packages, Tops, Hanks and FibersDiscover Advanced Drying Solutions for Yarn! Boost efficiency and quality in textile production. Transform your process...

Ethylene Oxide

Pasteurization for the European Food Industry

An Efficient and Safer Alternative for Disinfestation & Pasteurization for the European Food IndustryThe quest for safe and effective sterilization and disinfestation methods for the food industry has taken center stage, particularly due to the European Union's...

piece of meat in meat defroster for thawing

Meat Defrosting with Strayfield’s RF Heating Systems

Improving Quality and Reducing Waste: Meat Defrosting with Strayfield's RF Heating Systems for Food Processing CompaniesFood processing companies face many challenges, including maximizing efficiency, maintaining quality, and reducing waste. One way to address...

RF Heating Systems

RF Heating System for Food Processing Companies

Improving Quality and Reducing Waste:Meat Defrosting with Strayfield's RF Heating System for Food Processing Companies Food processing companies face many challenges, including maximizing efficiency, maintaining quality, and reducing waste. One way to address these...

ITMA Milan 2023

ITMA Milan 2023

ITMA 2023 Milan 8th-14th June' 23 Fiera Milano Rho Exhibition Center Strayfield Limited shares its latest developments in R.F. Drying, to a global audience of Textile World. Please visit us at Hall 14 Stand A301

RF Drying for Latex & Foam

RF Drying for Latex & Foam

Drying of latex and foam is an important step in it’s manufacturing process as it affects the quality and properties of the final product. During the drying process, the water content in the latex or foam is reduced to a level where it can be further processed or...


Radio Frequency Equipment for Textile Yarn Packages

Radio Frequency Drying Equipment. Drying Equipment for Textile Yarn Packages, Loose Fibres, Hanks, and TopsIf you are in the textile industry, chances are that you need an RF drying machine. RF drying is the industry norm for the best-quality textile packages and...

Postharvest Disinfestation

Radio Frequency Treatment for Postharvest Disinfestation

Today, Non-chemical pest control methods are being used more often in the agricultural industry to rid commodities of infestation. One such alternative is a thermal treatment, which has been successful in eliminating vast populations of infestation and preventing...


We’re exhibiting at INDIA ITME 2022!

Monga Strayfield will be exhibiting at ITME Delhi 2022, the leading textile machinery trade show in India. This is a great opportunity for us to showcase our latest RF drying products and technologies to a large audience of Textile professionals from all over the...

RF heating

Continuous tempering through Strayfield’s RF heating lines

RF Heating Lines Traditional Thawing lines depend on conventional heating that uses either steam or electrical heaters that are inefficient and take a long residence time to heat. This results in an uneven thawing profile as well as build-up of microbial load. Over...


Welcome to Strayfield, the Benchmark for High Precision Heating and Drying Technology.

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